When Jordi Cantal began to travel the PIRINEXUS route of 340 KM in summer 2014, he did not know that at the end, deep in the night, he would have created a new challenge thas has already became a legend. In the sixth edition, start and finish will be in Girona within the Sea Otter Europe festival.

This year we propose the HALF PIRINEXUS CHALLENGE version of 125 km.


60 € until 20/05/2023 23:59
  - 61,30€ (including management fee of €1.30)

70 € until 01/09/2023 23:59
  - 71,30€ (including management fee of €1.30)

80 € until a fin de inscripciones
  - 81,30€ (including management fee of €1.30)